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Title:  Candle Chandler
Location: Downtown San Jose
Hours: Part-Time (20+ hours/wk)
Salary Range: $17.55/hr-$19.00/hr +Tips

Hey there! Thanks for checking out Ashy Aromas! We're on the lookout for upbeat, enthusiastic, and purpose-driven folks to join our awesome team. If this sounds like you, go ahead and apply. We can't wait to chat with you soon!

Job Title: Candle Chandler


Job Description:

We are seeking a skilled and passionate Candle Chandler to join our team. As a Candle Chandler, you will be responsible for creating high-quality candles using various techniques and materials, lead step-by-step candle making workshops, and promote and sell our products to customers. This role requires a strong attention to detail, creativity, and a deep understanding of candle-making processes.



1. Design and create candles using different waxes, molds, scents, and colors.

2. Ensure that all candles meet quality standards and specifications.

3. Research and develop new candle designs and techniques.

4. Operate and maintain candle-making equipment.

5. Follow safety procedures to prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment.

6. Effectively promote and sell our innovative products to potential customers and clients to drive revenue

growth and achieve sales targets.

7. Collaborate with team members to meet production goals and deadlines.

8. Package and label finished candles for sale or distribution.

9. Provide excellent customer service and assist with candle making process any inquiries about candles.

10. Stay updated on industry trends and new candle-making technologies.



1. Creativity and an eye for design.

2. Excellent attention to detail and quality.

3. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

4. Good communication and organizational skills.

5. Physical stamina to stand for long periods and lift heavy objects.

6. Knowledge of safety procedures in a manufacturing environment.

7. Flexibility to work evenings or weekends as needed.

8. Passion for candles and craftsmanship.


If you are a talented Candle Chandler looking to showcase your skills and creativity in a dynamic work environment, we would love to hear from you. Join our team and help us create beautiful and captivating candles for our customers.

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